Thank You to our LEH Hometown Heroes

We’re grateful to live in a community where so many people care about our environment and would volunteer a Sunday morning and afternoon to help clean a space that they had no part in sullying.

On Sunday, October 4th 2020, about 25 members of the Little Egg Harbor Community joined our campaign team to help clean up 7 bridges road and together, we removed more than a truckload of debris and bulk trash. Thank you to all listed here and those unnamed others who also joined us in the effort.

Jim Angle

Kim Angle

Monique Arches

Marie Armstrong

Frank David

Tom DeFeo

Connor Ellsweig

Kaitlyn Ellsweig

Dimple Franco

Dave Frederick

Brittany Green

Alyson Hastings

Ruth Mesrobian

Nancy O'Connell

Noreen Ryen

June Smolin

George Sperber

Peggy Sposato

Erin Timson

Some see a problem before them and complain – others see the same problems and choose to do something about it. Those are our heroes.

Photography credit: Nancy O'Connell.

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