Honoring Little Egg Harbor's First Fallen Heroes

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

On Sunday October, 11th, 2020 the LEH United team was honored to be invited to join The Affair at Egg Harbor Historical Society and other groups in a flag folding and wreath laying ceremony at the Little Egg Harbor Pulaski Monument. The Pulaski monument is one of Little Egg Harbor's hidden gems which commemorates a pivotal Revolutionary war battle that took place right here on our shore.

242 years ago, 400 British troops landed on Osborn Island and ambushed Continental Army General Casimir Pulaski's outpost of fifty men as they slept, killing 17 American infantrymen and two foreign-born officers. Little Egg Harbor at the time was a major privateer hub for the Continental Army, and also a secret port that allowed critical military aid to arrive from France and elsewhere in support of the Union Army. The British contingent of elite troops were the historical equivalent of our US Army special forces and were dispatched by King George III to destroy a major military manufacturing and storage hub located at Batsto. Upon learning of a British presence, General Pulaski launched a counter offensive with more than 200 cavalrymen and drove the British back into the sea.

A fascinating and complete accounting of the affair can be found at .

General Pulaski's standard is credited with being the first appearance of US in reference to the United States.

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