Fighting Hunger in New Jersey

More than 35 million people in America experienced hunger in the United States last year including more than 10 million children. With the COVID-19 pandemic still wreaking havoc on the economy, that number is expected to balloon to 54 million, including more than 18 million children in 2020 . Food insecurity affects people in every state, even families living well above the poverty line and because of this, many municipalities have joined with local service support groups to bring awareness about food insecurity in America.

In support of Fulfill New Jersey’s and the Community Food Bank of New Jersey’s efforts to fight hunger in New Jersey, Franco & Moran for Little Egg Harbor Township Committee are calling on the LEH Twp. Committee to pass a proclamation designating September as “Hunger Action Month.”

Gabe and Shaun regularly volunteer their time with food banks in Ocean and Atlantic Counties and have seen firsthand the very real need in the community. They ask that their neighbors in Little Egg Harbor join them in their call to have the LEH Township Committee join other municipalities in Ocean and Monmouth counties in proclaiming September, “Hunger Action Month.”

"We have seen some of the realities that families suffering from food insecurity must live with. Our most vulnerable community members, those struggling to keep food on the table during the economic downturn caused by the pandemic, deserve as much support as the Little Egg Harbor Twp. Committee can muster." - Shaun Moran

“I grew up in poverty and know first-hand what it’s like to go hungry. It’s part of why I will always advocate for the less-fortunate, and now is no different. I think the Township’s support on this could go a long way in promoting awareness and encouraging others to volunteer and get involved.” - Gabriel Franco

If you have would like to help fight hunger in New Jersey, please visit and to find out how you can help. Both are four star Charity Navigator charities.

On the local level - to meet the ever increasing need, the Little Egg Harbor Food Bank located at 641 Radio Road is adding days to its service schedule and is in great need of volunteers. Presently, to deliver or receive groceries, the hours are: Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 2PM and 4PM.

Thursday nights are being added beginning on 10/15/2020 between 6PM and 8PM and monthly Saturdays on November 7th from 10AM to 12 noon.

To volunteer, please call 609-296-1345.

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