Little Egg Harbor UNITED

Our campaign seeks to join together Independents, Republicans and Democrats alike to fight corruption in government and create the community that we all deserve. We are running for Township Committee because we believe in creating a government that works for all of us, not just the friends of political insiders. We believe in fostering fairness, justice, and prosperity for our community. Most especially, we deeply believe in public service - truly acting as servants to our neighbors - without the greed and self-service of so many establishment politicians at all levels of government. 

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Little Egg Harbor
New Jersey

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"Government is supposed to be by and for the people, and what that means to me is that the only interests elected officials should care about, are the ones their constituents care about. It means saying no to lobbyists and corporate money. It means that when citizens have a problem and call, that someone's there to answer. That's the kind of leader I aim to be, and it's why I won't accept contributions from corporations or party bosses."


                            - Gabe Franco                

"Our community in Little Egg Harbor Township deserves elected leaders who will truly represent the best interests of their neighbors, keeping our shared values of compassion, justice, and integrity in mind as they make decisions on the community's behalf. Gabe and I will work tirelessly to meet these high standards of ethics and professionalism should Little Egg Harbor's voters elect us to Township Committee."

                        - Shaun Moran

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Our campaign is fighting for a set of common sense policies that will create transparency in local governance, improve public spaces, prevent overdevelopment, and more.

Support Our Cause

In order for us to make government work for all of us, we have to take on the powerful and corrupting influence of big money donors and political bosses.

Our campaign is 100% funded by real working class Americans; not corporations or political bosses.


We believe in people power. We can be outspent, but not outworked. Sign up here to help volunteer! Whether it's phone banking, knocking on doors, or just putting a lawn sign up on your yard; we're honored to have your help and support.

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